Russian Project Missions – Barry and Adrianne Jensen

Barry and Adrianne JensenBarry and Adrianne Jensen are graduates of Rhema Bible Training Center. Both Barry and Adrianne had the Soviet Union on their heart before the fall of communism in that country. Since 1993, Barry and Adrianne have ministered in many of the former Soviet nations, including Estonia, Russia, and for the last 12 years, Ukraine.

In 2008, the Bible school they began in Ukraine officially became a part of the international campuses of Rhema Bible Training Center. Since that time, the Jensens have planted more campuses across the nation, with Rhema Bible Training Centers in Vinnitsa, Kiev, Sumy and in their hometown of Sevastopol, Crimea.

Part of the vision the Jensens have is to publish the teaching materials and books from Kenneth E. Hagin into the Russian language. They have produced hundreds of thousands of Kenneth Hagin books since starting their publishing company. With the acquisition of some new equipment, the Jensens are looking to expand their printing capability and publish books in some of the lesser known languages in Europe, including native Ukrainian.

In addition, the Jensens are looking for opportunities in the future to open new campuses in some of the other nations formerly in the Soviet sphere, including Russia and Belarus.

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